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Top 10 Benefits of Living Off The Grid (Survival Guide)

There are many reasons to live off the grid and free from interference and control by local and federal government, local utilities, and beholden to an economy that encourages you to be in continual debt, and also live a life of consumerism, where more and better are the continuing mantra.

For most people, living off the grid means a life of simplicity and in general, relying on oneself and one’s family as much as possible.

Here are 10 Benefits of living off the grid:

#1 Achieve a Life Totally Free From Debt

According to debt.org, the average debt household load in the United States is $137,000 per year, even though the average household income is around $63,000.

The plain fact is, most people in Western Societies are large money wasters, spending money on trivial things like vacations and $1,000 smartphones when a $35 cellphone will do. Our number one off the grid living ideas: spend as little money as possible on the food you don’t grow yourself, the energy you don’t generate yourself, and when you can’t grow it or produce it, to buy used or cheap.

#2. Learn How to Produce Your Own Foods

Living off the grid for most survivalists means people growing their own food and is probably one the most essential of off the grid living ideas.

The average family spends around $550 per month on food or $6,600 per year. If a family could even cut in half their food budget, it wouldn’t take that long to generate and extra $300,000 in savings, which alone is around twice the savings rate of the average family.

Reduce that amount by 75 percent or more, and we are talking mega-savings.

#3. To Learn How You Will Be Able to Live Off the Land

Far under 200,000 families are living off the grid in the United States, out of a population of around 126 million households. The plain fact is that if the economy collapsed, millions of people would starve and die. More would die from exposure.

And when the internet goes down (of which it will) even Harvard educated graduates won’t know a thing about raising chickens, planting crops, building cheap shelters and other practical off the grid living ideas.

#4. To Understand that Regardless of What May Happen to the World, Your Own Family is Ready

Just through the recent Covid-19 pandemic, people are realizing that living off the grid is one way to protect themselves from pandemics. Upwards of 200 million people were killed during the Black Death, 40 to 50 million died during the Spanish Flu pandemic, and 12 million died in the Third plague of 1855.

Millions more died as victims of wars they never were involved in. Living away from the city is among the best off the grid living ideas for a safe and long life.

#5. Feeling Secure Away From The Busy City

Living off the grid and far away from large cities is among the best of off the grid living ideas.

Your chance of getting raped and murdered, your chance of starving to death, your chance of even being vandalized, are greatly reduced with you live off the grid away from large cities.

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#6. Obtaining a Simple and More Satisfying Way of Life

Being able to see exactly how your personal work translates into economic benefits for you and your family can be immensely satisfying. Most people work for years at an office, and really have no idea of the relationship between what they put into their work and what they receive.

Knowing what your true value is one of the more important off the grid living ideas. It provides you, and your family a true glimpse at your real-world value.

#7. The Satisfaction of Learning New Skills

One value of living off the grid is that it forces you to learn new skills.

Off the grid living ideas and skills such as how to milk a cow, raise a chicken, learning to blacksmith and fertilize a garden are truly worthwhile skills in the “real world.”

#8. Raise Your Children Better

A prime reason to live off the grid, besides your own personal satisfaction is to raise better kids.

Let’s face it, the vast majority of kids in America are incredibly lazy, and even if they grow out of it, which many do not seem to do for years, they avoid even the slightest hint of doing work. Even as kindergartners, they may have a “you owe me attitude.

Off the grid living ideas, everything from hunting and fishing to making their own clothes, and bartering such as exchanging eggs or milk for a ride to school are extremely valuable skills to pass on to your children.

In addition, children of families that live off the grid aren’t tempted with many of the larger city problems such as drugs, alcohol, or really dangerous habits such as paint sniffing.

Naturally, living off the grid doesn’t necessarily guarantee your kids will grow up to be saints, but children of such families, even if they, later on, choose to move to a big city and live a typical American life tend to be more frugal and have a real sense for the value of hard work.

#9. An Increased Sense of Living in the Environment

Many people who choose to live off the grid are relative newcomers to simple living. While there are many reasons for doing so, one of the most prominent is that they are deeply pained at what we are doing as a nation and as a world with the environment.

Polar ice caps are melting, huge lakes are drying up, trees are being cut down at an alarming rate, crops are being genetically modified, and on and on it goes.

Off the grid living ideas such as sustainable farming greatly reduce a family’s overall pollutant impact over the environment.

#10 It’s Fun

Living off the grid is often challenging for newcomers as they learn the ropes os sustainable living, but after a while, it can turn into a great deal of fun.

People’s bodies get more fit as they substitute chores for a $75 a month gym membership. Women, in particular, experience a real sense of independence knowing that they don’t have to depend upon others for much. And most men would rather be debt-free rather than living a commuter lifestyle, of which the stress is killing them.

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