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Cabin living off the grid

7 Essential Items for Living Off the Grid (Ultimate Checklist)

Living off the grid can seem a lot easier said than done. This is especially true whether you want to make it for the short term or indefinite.

When you want to head for the hills, you need to keep in mind that surviving off the grid will still need plenty of resources in order for you to survive.

With many reasons for wanting to get away, there are a few items that are good to have regardless of your reasons.

The items will also need to be compatible with your purpose.

So you have your mind set on living off the grid?

Ok, now let’s get into the necessary equipment that will come in handy every single day.

This way, your life in solitude will be survivable as you enjoy it.

1. A Water Filtration System

Having clean water is a very sustainable resource to have for living off the grid and will be paramount for surviving off the grid as well. Also, you will need to ensure that it is clean and safe to drink. Sure, you can bring along gallons of water, but what happens when that supply is depleted?

This is why having some sort of water filtration system available will come in very handy. We are sure that you know how to make a camp fire, right? Well, if you know how to do that, then you can also easily build your own filtration system in order to condense dirty water to turn it into safe, potable water by boiling it.

Sure, it might take a while to get plenty of water, but this is something that you can do repeatedly whenever it’s needed.

2. Nonperishable Food Supply

Of course you can grow your own food supply and catch your own game, but what will you eat as you wait for the corn or potatoes to be ready? This is where having nonperishable food will come in handy when it comes to surviving off the grid.

This also does not mean you should stick to one type of food either, mix it up and give yourself a nice variety and just because you are off the grid that does not mean your diet also needs to change. Bring along tuna, vegetables, and fruits that are canned. As well as boxed food like rice, pasta, soups, and beans.

This will provide a nice mix and will be fresh after you cook. Plus, if you have leftovers, you can save it to eat later as long as you are able to prevent it from going rancid.

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3. Reliable Renewable Energy

Not only will a reliable energy source come in handy, but it can power other vital gear that you may have. Not only that but renewable energy is great to have while living off the grid, and you won’t have to worry about running out of it.

So which would you prefer, sun power or oil or coal? You’ll have to replace the oil and coal as soon as it’s depleted. This can be depressing when you are miles away from civilization. Having at least 2 solar panels will supply more than enough power for all that you may need it for.

When you connect your renewable power source, ensure that it is in an open space that gets plenty of sun. That way you will always have a good amount of power that is always available.

4. Generator

I am sure it is safe to say that you will not become a true “Pioneer” as you’re living off the grid. So you’ll need to make sure to bring along a generator and preferably one that is solar-powered.

This will make your life easier and more enjoyable while living off the grid so that you will be able to maintain all of your other gear that has rechargeable capabilities. Having a generator that includes a solar panel will allow your generator to stay charged as long as it’s out in the sun.

There are plenty of generators to choose from so you’ll just need to decide on how much you want to spend on one.

5. Durable Weather Protection

Having a way to be protected from the weather and elements is detrimental in surviving off the grid. You can make your own protection out of what you have around you or you can bring along a tent.

Once you have your shelter established you will be able to become as comfortable as possible. The only thing that you need to keep in mind if you prefer a tent, is that you may have difficulties if you experience heavy snow or wind.

So when you’re shopping around for an adequate source of shelter, make sure that it is fully capable of withstanding all types of unforeseen weather conditions like torrential rainfall, snow, and wind while also being able to keep you warm inside.

6. Weapons for Self Defense

You being able to protect yourself while living off the grid will be the determining factor in you surviving off the grid. This will be especially true when it comes to warding off predatory wildlife. You can take along any type that you feel will be sufficient to keep you safe.

However, you can still take a gun, but another item that’ll help will be the bear scent. With this, any predator will be warded off instantly. The bear spray not only is effective but it is also nonlethal and is able to deter other people who may come across your humble abode.

If you are worried if anything comes too close, then having a sharp object like a knife or ax will come in handy for surviving off the grid if your space becomes invaded.

7. High-Grade Sleeping Bag That Will Keep You Warm

When living off the grid, you need to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible and this includes staying warm at night. When you are warm at night you will feel safe and when you feel comfortable, you will be able to sleep better at night. This can make the difference of you living off the grid in a way that is more tolerable.

So go ahead and bring at least two sleeping bags, one heavy-duty and another that is lighter for times consisting of weather that is mild.

Making plans for both living off the grid and surviving off the grid will make all of the difference in surviving off the grid or not. This is especially true if you have the above items that we have listed above for you. Having enough of a food source, protection, lighting, and water will be the determining factors.

With that, make sure to practice safety at all times and always keep your guard up so that you will not be surprised if anything happens that you were not expecting. When you do this, surviving off the grid will be a piece of cake.

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